Why should you use an SMS marketing campaign?

SMS marketing can be used to drive growth and improve customer experience while optimizing your internal processes. Text messages are more personal than other marketing channels and barely interfere with your customers’ daily lives.

SMS can help you multiply sales instantly with reminders to customers of pending items in their shopping carts, recommendations about similar services they might like, and alerts of upcoming sales or restocks of items.

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Its open rate of 98% makes SMS the perfect channel to interact with your subscribers and, more importantly, the possibility of personalizing messages allows for closer interaction and segmenting the content to Malta Phone Number List send only relevant information. Additionally, if you use SMS for your Black Friday marketing campaign, you can send mass messages to thousands of subscribers for a much smaller budget than traditional methods.

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SMS will surpass Black Friday email campaigns
Our intention is in no way to disparage email marketing, given that many professionals will continue to use this channel. We just want you to be aware that Black Friday SMS messages are much more likely to reach recipients, and that they will read them and decide to interact in just a few minutes.

Discover other advantages of SMS marketing:

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What’s more, we can give you very strong arguments that the combination of. SMS and email marketing can offer even better results, so a multimedia approach would also work very well. Email is also a greatv Slovenia Phone Number List channel to drive demand for. SMS when you need to expand your database. There are many examples of Black Friday emails where SMS and email campaigns have been combined to complement each other.

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