Match Group is famous for being the parent company aimed at dating applications , as is often the case with Tinder, Meetic, OkCupid or Hinge. In the particular case of Hinge , a new subscription level has been developed that is for 50 and 60 dollars per month . It is a price that can be very high for many users, although it appears that the company is not enough because in its most recognized app (Tinder) , it is studying the option of implementing a plan of $500 per month . The emergence of an extremely expensive subscription has only been touched on in its most recent earnings report, a situation that makes one wonder if it will be advisable to implement it; Or failing that, benefits will be obtained due to the impressive price it has.

The outlook for Tinder

You may also be interested in: Delivery Same Day represents more than 75% of shipments, according to Nirex How much are plans on Tinder worth? At the moment, there are three plans that are currently in orbit, so their prices will vary depending on the plan that is selected . Currently the costs in Spain are the Taiwan Telegram Number Data following: Tinder Plus plan : €14.99 for one month, €7.66 per month for six months or €4.99 per month for twelve months. Tinder Gold: €25.99 for one month, €12.49 per month for six months or €8.74 per month for twelve months. Tinder Platinum : €30.99 for one month, €14.99 for six months or €10.41 per month for 12 months.

Free version of the app

Tinder activates Work Mode for those looking for love in the office Added to the payment plans, we can highlight a totally free version that only allows ‘matching’ with users and chatting with restricted ‘Likes’ but with advertising content . However, paying for new features is currently a controversial topic, so the benefits obtained from other subscriptions are explained, so that they are valuable on their own. It should be noted that, while for Lima deliveries are within 24 hours, in the case of provinces these are made within 48 hours. In both cases, shipping is free nationwide for purchases over 79 soles.


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