By offering an enriched experience through an RCS or WhatsApp Business message. With them, you add brand value and offer an interaction window, for example, with buttons where you can change the delivery point or date. Thus, you not only increase the satisfaction of your customers but also optimize the distribution of orders, saving time and money. The logistics service has enough time to modify the route and improve the package delivery rate.

Ensures good customer service

A purchase does not end at the time of payment, as you well know. Rather, the process continues until the customer enjoys the product or service. And after Black Friday there will be many users who will be Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List enjoying their purchase. It is time, then, to prepare the customer service team well to deal with the volume of requests that comes after Black Friday.

Think about facilitating

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

A communication between teams and users through an application that is widely used in Spain: WhatsApp Business. With it you can create automated chats or provide . Aconversations that can be managed in real time Hong Kong Phone Number and by any agent. That your customers do not have to wait to speak with a customer. Service technician or that they do not have to repeat their request or complaint over. And over again, will favor their satisfaction and speed up the internal management of your team.


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