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Juicy! Gas poll platform their smile makes my heart melt select person if your ideal audience is gen z or younger. This is a key one to keep an eye on. And these sharing apps tend to trickle up to older demographics   think about how teenagers were the first adopters of snap and tiktok before millennials got in the mix. Dig into our latest digital trends report for youth trends and up-and-coming social platforms to make sure you’re always in the loop. Cohost cohost takes its design cues from web    you get the retro feeling of being back on a geocities page   but the blogging site offers some intriguing modern features. There are no character limits.

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And the option to make pages with themes for different projects or random whims these pages can be collaborative if you want to team up for something. The verge describes cohost as the awkward offspring of tumblr. Twitter. And a hint of rdit. cohost retro interface with halloween! Post users can incorporate css into their posts. Which makes for some interesting. 

Clickable content with interactivity b2b leads an unusual feature for a social mia site. Cohost is still in invite-only mode and is experimenting with monetization via subscription-only cohost plus accounts. Opportunities for social mia marketers here are currently unclear. But keep your eyes on this space. A social network for creativity seems like a refreshing change of pace.

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Counter social ad-free. Chronological news fe launch in november  but finds itself as part of the twitter alternates conversation in  Countersocial claims to have more than  million monthly users. Though these people aren’t necessarily signing in from all over the globe   the app bans access to common bot-and-troll hotspots like russia. 

Iran. North korea. Syria. China Phone Numberes And pakistan. A move some critics have call xenophobic. Fund purely by app users and found by a hacker nam the jester. Countersocial is built on the principle of no attacks. No ads. No harassment. And no disinformation. Fans praise the lack of toxicity in the community and can even apply a filter to see lighter content if they crave more dog pics and less political discourse.

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