We noticed that there are many other channels and influencer. Food, explaining how it works and how it is sold; but ifood does not own the communication rights to any of these channels. ” not to mention that during the pandemic, when delivery became a real. Opportunity for consolidation in the industry, many influencers started producing independent content on how to sell. More products and how to leverage the platform. At this time, the management team felt there was it was necessary. To create communication channels for entrepreneurs in the industry. That’s when they decided to create an ifood blog for. Partners and create channels on  in a clearer and more attractive way experience.

Cooperating with Rock Content Leandro said that he chose to cooperate with Rock Content

very simple. “We conducted market research to understand costs, bummendations, the benefits of each vendor, and ultimately selected Rock Content.” Leandro also pointed to the credibility of future partnerships within the Uganda WhatsApp Number List marketing team, as Rock Content, a company integrating content marketing in Brazil, is now a global reference. With the beginning of this relationship, the entire online audience strategy of the business partner was built from scratch: in addition to social networks, the creation of a blog became the backbone of the reconstructed communication.

For Leandro, the highlight of the process was planning, creating and executing

speed. It only took two months from mapping the first step to starting producing and distributing content for entrepreneurs. See examples of actions taken by partner iFood’s blog as a hub for information and platform engagement: “We have launched some promotions in 2022, such as a Day promotion. The pizza restaurant with the best reviews on Psu customers on Taiwan WhatsApp Number List Fridaylts it izza Day wins iFood Recognition Award. The blog is the channel we use to advertise, present the promotion, communicate the rules, directions and subsequently announce the winners.” Leandro goes on to talk about the versatility and efficiency of this type of communication: “The blog has With so many features and possibilities, the internal team started to embrace the idea and understand the opportunities.


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