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One of the best in this edition is base on main pillars. Pre-implementation consulting Grants to finance the transformation process. Activities promoting the idea of ​​digital transformation. Who is the support address to? The grants will be intend for micro, small and medium-size enterprises operating in the industry. Production and industrial services sectors. This comprehensive offer can be use primarily by enterprises aiming to increase their digital maturity. Level through a successful digital transformation process. Support height. The values ​​of grants for financing digital transformation in order to increase. The competitiveness of Polish SMEs on the market are as follows.

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Minimum grant value EUR. Maximum grant value: EUR. The maximum level of co-financing is % of the net project costs Eligible costs of intangible assets (ready-made or commission software), cloud services, implementation of software or cloud services, employee Photo Retouching training, fix assets Dig.IT project structure Under the grant program, the dominant part will be the purchase of software or cloud services, and in the supplementary part, funds can be allocate to the implementation of purchase software or cloud services, training for employees and fix assets necessary to carry out digital transformation. The obligatory part of the project covering the dominant costs.

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Purchase of intangible assets in the form of ready-made software or commission programming works, cloud services such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS etc. Optional part of the project covering additional costs: costs of implementing software or cloud services into the Phone Numberes enterprise’s operations, costs of employee training in the use of acquire digital technologies, costs of necessary fix assets. Support areas of digital transformation Process automation and business analytics Digital sales and customer contact Use of cloud solutions The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning Cybersecurity Enterprise resource management using.

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