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Don’t let your site look like this too. What’s next for a company LinkIn account? Very often, if you represent a startup or a local SME, the truth is that you may not have your own website or for technical reasons it is index very low by google. A page on LinkIn has a chance to appear first in the search engine after entering the company name and support the position of your company. A LinkIn account can make your business easier, but if run poorly or not at all, unfortunately.

Strategy And Plan For The Start

It has a big impact on your brand image on the Internet. We already have a company account on LinkIn supplementing the profile with additional data continu Logo Logo size × . Support file types are JPG, JPEG and PNG. If you have a logo of poor quality, it is worth correcting it technically. Also remember that if your phone number list logo is extensive or has a lower claim written in small font, it is worth simplifying it even for the nes of the Internet. Background photo in personal and business accounts . LinkIn for a business account recommends dimensions.

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Why Should Businesses Have It

Often one has to test other dimensions to finalize the cover photo . Always check how it looks both on the desktop and in the mobile version. Treat the cover photo as free advertising space. Change the photos depending on your nes, new products or special offers. Show what your company does. Don’t be afraid to change the photo if necessary. Slogan signs that should say as much about your company as possible. Give up cliché passwords here. Write clearly and clearly. If you have an interesting company slogan, this may be a good place to present it. Buttons Here you can Phone Number ES enter your Call to Action, a call to action.

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