The group gain incredible publicity

Real Time Marketing Other brands did not miss the opportunity and showe reflexes taking advantage of the huge fuss around DecoMorreno. Tymbark, Footsteps, and the Piotr i Paweł delicatessen emphasize their presence in social meia through an adequate reaction to this event. Thanks to their spontaneous and brilliant actions, they won the hearts of many customers. Here is the opinion of one of them : “Piotr i Paweł – it’s nice that someone can still do creative and unconventional marketing. I will say that you bought me with this, and best of all, you didn’t nee any “pseudo jutubers” for this. :p ” Peter and Paul deco21 Tymbark deco22 Footseps kakao3 Word Factory cocoa.

Theories in whole action

Camera cocoa5 Let’s go back to the source The Lubimyczytać website would not have come up with its brilliant idea if not for what appeare at the beginning of this story, i.e. thanks to one outstanding entry and the quick reaction of Internet users. Some see phone number list conspiracy, claiming that the joke was not an accident – but in my opinion it was and I want to believe in such spontaneity of the Internet. So, in lubimyczytac they prepare a fantastic trolling, which benefite DecoMorreano cocoa itself and other brands.

Phone Number List

Another winner of this action

Remember that it all starte with a Faceboooup Phone Number ES and it is., and this meant that over 2,000 people joine it within two days of the publication of this famous entry – and this number is still growing. deco16INFOGRAPHICS How social meia helps the youngest – INFOGRAPHIC Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaMay 30, 2016 ・ 3 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn Social meia is a great place to do charity work.

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