Nowadays, email marketing campaigns have become essential for any type of business and sales communication. According to various studies, one of the means of communication most used by professionals continues to be email.

Email marketing is a key tool for any company or brand seeking to improve its online presence and connect with its target audience effectively. Through a well-planned e-mailing strategy , it is possible to reach subscribers’ inboxes dtent that attracts them and keeps them engaged with the brand.

However, many companies still wonder if email marketing is still relevant in the digital age. The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, email remains one of the most effective and profitable marketing channels of all time, and its relevance has only increased over time.

In addition to being an accessible and economical channel, e-mail marketing allows companies to personalize their message and reach their target audience in a targeted and effective way. With well-executed planning, it is possible to increase customer loyalty, improve the conversion rate and generate more qualified leads for the company.

If you want to know how you can implement this strategy within your content development and sales, then keep reading.

What is email marketing?

E -mail marketing or e-mailing is an English word that defines the sending of an email at the same time to a set of recipients from a specific database. An e-mail campaign corresponds to a communication action Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List that is equivalent to postal mailing, also called direct marketing.

Its objectives are based on being a campaign that promotes, sells or disseminates a specific product, service or message, reaching the user directly through their email address.

and effective way to communicate directly with customers without intermediaries. Email marketing can also be used to foster a relationship with potential customers, convert them, and ensure a personalized experience.

Why is email marketing relevant?

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It is estimated that e-mail promotion generatimated ROI of 3800% for digital marketing strategies, thus being a direct channel of relevance.

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