With so many brands competing for customers’

The Christmas season is just around the corner and companies are focusing on giving a final boost to their activity to meet the objectives of the Christmas campaign before the season passes. With an average open and response rate of 98% and 45% respectively , according to the Gartner report, bulk SMS is a great way to work more effectively and smarter during this holiday season. If you are looking for ways to reach customers with a higher response rate, starting with sending SMS can be a good option.

Stand out thanks to sending massive SMS

attention through media campaigns, SMS quickly and effectively cuts through the noise and ensures your message is seen. Keep in mind that 90% of text  messagead within seconds of receiving them. This Canada WhatsApp Number List immediacy makes text messages the best option for important announcements or communications.

For example: ‘The elves at Café Xpres have run out of coffee had to close early! “We are sorry for the inconvenience and tomorrow we will return with the usual schedule.”

Make cheap and affordable ads

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It is increasingly important to implement ag-term plan  to achieve those all-important sales goals. Bulk SMS are not only very effective in reaching a large audience, but they are also econck yope for Thailand WhatsApp Number List your subaignomical.

Use bulk SMS to announce anything from changes to opours to seasonal events, activities or =-time sales. If you need inspiration to get =, explore our library of message templates .

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