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Looking for people interest in the construction industry for Therefore worth example for a recruitment campaign. At least at the moment targeting by age is limit in ages are bundl into bundles containing 5–10 years such as 18–24 years old 25–34 years old and +55 years old. On Facebook and Instagram age targeting is completely free i.e. the age of the target group can be defin as for example 27-28 years old. Targeting by location is also limit in if compar to Facebook and Instagram.

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For example inonly Finland not specifically to cities or for example b2b leads southern Finland. On Facebook and Instagram you can target individual cities for example you can choose Jyväskylä or Jyväskylä within a 20 kilometer radius. Read also about LinkIns unique targeting possibilities Targeting to current contacts i.e. remarketing In. Facebook and Instagram it is possible to do remarketing to for example website visitors video viewers those who have perform various functions in the

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Application those who customer lists. When using customer lists people must be able to be identifi from the list enter into at the moment Phone Numberes using. Google advertising ID or Apple Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). For lists on. Facebook and Instagram e.g. e-mail address or phone number is enough. They can often be found more easily in customer lists. Read more about how advertising is done in practice Over the years the options for remarketing on

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